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Better Than Ezra On LiveJournal

The First Community for BTE Fans

8/15/09 12:46 pm - asouthernthing - Community Mod Takeover

I'm no longer interested in running this community - it has been dead for a while and I have no real desire to do anything with it. Is there anyone interested in taking over the community and making it active again?

If so please comment and let me know. If no one's interested the community may be deleted. I'd like at least two people to take over the reins.
There are a couple of requirements:
- you must have been on LJ for at least 6 months
- you must be over 18 and willing to work with a second moderator

6/18/09 03:43 pm - vineyard_girl - Anyone going to the show in Boston?

I'm desperately looking for a ticket (or two) and would be thrilled if anyone had an extra. I foolishly didn't purchase tickets on-line when they went on sale, thinking I should just go to The Paradise and buy them there to avoid all the annoying fees. Of course, by the time I made it there all the tix were gone.

So can anyone hook me up with an extra ticket?


3/12/09 12:52 am - agent_squeaks - News!

Better Than Ezra has a new single coming out March 17th. And if that's not good enough, in May they have a *drumroll please* new album. Also they are on tour.

5/2/07 08:27 pm - thedrought - Juicy

I just saw an Applebee's commercial and BTEs Juicy was the "soundtrack" for the commercial. hehehe
If you go to the website, part of the song is playing (I don't like how they cut it though).

1/1/07 11:53 pm - cass08 - "The Saints Are Coming" Cover

Hello everybody!

I went to the New Orleans House of Blues show on December 30th and BTE did a cover of "The Saints Are Coming" (originally done by Green Day and U2) and I'm wondering if anybody knows where I can download a copy of it or if they plan on releasing a copy of it themselves.

Thanks for the help and Happy New Year!

x-posted to _betterthanezra

10/30/06 01:19 pm - thedrought - BTE last night

Did anyone go last night? If you missed it they are playing tuesday in West Hollywood for some Star 98.7 thing. As much as I love the guys there is no way I'm fighting the traffic in boys town on Halloween.

Last night they played Beautiful Mistake which I didn't think I've seen live before. Someone yelled out Normal Town and they played the first bit of that... I was trying to get near the front of the stage after the concert to get the play list but it didn't happen (so I can't remember all the songs :( ).

They were happy we came out on a Sunday night to an industrial park to see them :)

Kevin made a comment that Jim was the backbone of the band that held them together... then made a comment about him being the dijon-ase of a sandwich. when he started to sing, he started to laugh and had to stop :) this is why I love these guys in concert. too funny :) but man, am I dragging today at work... it was all worth it though :)

10/3/06 05:51 pm - hifi_fiah - Helloooo *echos*

How are you guys doing?

I last saw BTE in July. I'd usually be going through withdrawl, but I have new music to keep me alive. So the new ray lamontagne is amazing. Also the new John Mayer cd, I was completely iffy about that one, but its really fricking amazing. Oh also the new Beck album.

How about you guys? Any new music we have to look out for?

9/23/06 11:26 pm - winifred - Dirty Work?

BTE posted a cover of Steely Dan's "Dirty Work" online before they revamped their website. Any idea where it can be found now? It's not anywhere navigable in the new site.

8/8/06 02:07 pm - beagle1 - Juicy Video

Did you know there was a video for "Juicy"? Yeah, there is and it caused much drama on the BTE board.

I don't really like it that much. I think they could have done better. To each his own opinion though! Go check it out at http://www.vh1.com/artists/az/better_than_ezra/videos.jhtml

6/21/06 12:08 pm - jcatt - Live BTE

For all you XM listeners, I just heard an announcement that at 10 pm on this Friday BTE will play live in the studio on channel 26 (Flight 26).
I couldn't believe it!
So excited!
And even more exciting...I won't be working...yah:)
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